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Russian police rescued a 5-year old girl who was caged with cats and dogs her entire life. When the police found her, the girl only knew how to act like a dog.

She has never left the cage. Trapped in an apartment with no heat, no water, no sewage.

‘When carers leave the room, the girl jumps at the door and barks,’ the police said.

VIA Reuters

My jaw dropped looking at these photographs from W’s March 2007 spread. Photographed by Steven Klein.

Whatever world these girls live in. I want in.

steven klein 4

steven klein 3

steven klein 2

steven klein1

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I promise never ever to complain about cleaning the bathroom. I swear. On my life.

John Pardey Architect’s Hind House, England.

john pardey 4

john pardey 2

john pardey 3

john pardey1

VIA Design Milk

Artist Stephan Zirwes photographed the world from 10,000 feet in the air and put the images to a soundtrack. The result is gorgeous.

I wish I could say this all the time. It feels suiting to my regal personality. The inspiration for this thought?

The new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s video for HEADS WILL ROLL. Man in creepy mask channeling his inner Michael Jackson rules!

According to an article in the UK’s Daily Mail, police discovered a woman’s frozen body in a home freezer. The body had been frozen for 30 years. The culprit? The woman’s now 83 year old spinster daughter, who didn’t want to alert the authorities because her mother was in the country illegally.

Actually. When you think about it. This isn’t a bad idea. The average cost of cryogenics is around $30,000. This seems like a much more affordable option.

For those with small bladders, going to the movies need no longer be a harrowing experience. The website tells you exactly which parts of a movie you can skip out on and go to the bathroom.

Example. Star Trek. runpee suggests six different pee opportunities. At minute 50, you have approximately 3 minutes before an important part kicks in.

How have I lived so long without runpee. runpee. runpee. whoppee!

They’re just like us!

These photographs from German artist Anna Skladmann’s LITTLE ADULTS series capture the children of Russia’s richest oligarchs. They make for a fascinating, creepy, voyeuristic look at childhoods gone very wrong. And you have to wonder. If this is how the kids look, how much worse are the parents?

anna sladmann

anna skladmann2

anna skladmann 3

anna skladmann 4

anna skladmann 5

anna skladdman 6

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To Rio de Janeiro. Check out this cool site that lets you “explore” the city from the comforts of your own home.

I need me a caipirinha stat.

The new Lady Gaga video for PAPARAZZI. Starring GENERATION KILL hottie Alexander Skarsgard. Totally f***ed up. In a good way.

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