…is taking over my life. After years of nagging me about having “his own space,” the hubby finally succeeded in convincing me to let him convert the garage into a MANNEX. When pressed why he wanted a MANNEX so badly, he replied,”I want to control the aesthetics of a space.”  Whatever.

As soon as I gave the word of approval, he sent out this celebratory email to the DUDES…

<START OF EMAIL> “please note that, after a hard-fought, multi-year battle, i have finally won the right to reconstruct the garage of [address] into a man room.

i thank the donor for paving the way, and immediately move that the right to a mannex be incorporated into the CA marriage contract.

i look forward to enjoying sporting events, games of chance, alcohol and posters of dogs playing poker with you all — ideally from the vantage of a weathered, faux-leather couch.

if anyone would like to help in the design or assembly of the forthcoming mannex (chaffee?) please let me know.  i may begin work on friday may 8th.

yours in triumph!” <END OF EMAIL>

And indeed. His DUDES are now sending him craigslist postings of used couches. Oh brother!