The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently did a survey of 18 countries on lifestyle matters. According to the results…

– The French spend more of their time eating and sleeping than anyone else. The average French person sleeps nine hours at night.

– Americans come in second. Sleeping 8.5 hours. Though I have no idea who those people are. I’m lucky if I make it to seven hours these days. I think it’s because…

– Koreans and Japanese sleep the least. They average 8 hours. As a Korean-American, is my sleep-clock perpetually cursed with identity issues? Damnit. Body. Sleep. You live in America!

– When it comes to eating, the French spend TWO HOURS A DAY eating!!! And they’re freaking skinny. They drink. They smoke. Life is indeed unfair.

– The Japanese spend 47% of their leisure time watching tv or listening to the radio. This explains all those wacky game shows they watch.

– The Turks spend more than a third of their time entertaining friends. Thus, I must meet more Turks. Please, befriend me. Entertain me.

Lesson learned? You are where you live.