As an obsessive doodler constantly getting in trouble in meetings and classes for doodling, I read with much satisfaction an article in the UK Guardian — you know, the UK one, the smart one — quoting new studies that suggest doodling should be encouraged because it focuses one’s attention span.

I so feel like sending this article to my first boss out of college who reprimanded me for not paying attention. And my tenth grade math teacher who called me out in front of the whole class. Suck it, narrow-minded losers!

Now, the article does not go into doodling analysis. But friends have commented that they think it’s weird that my doodles aren’t so much “doodles” but “crazy scientist” rambles. I write the alphabet over. and over. and over. Which I don’t think is really strange. But apparently it’s a little disconcerting when they look over and see a whole page filled with tiny letters.

No. I am not a loony. Though I do think the world will end. Very soon.  We will be visited by our cosmic brethren. Who come declaring peace and offering unlimited powers. Until they take over our brain. Hail, superior beings.

Okay. Apologies for this post. I woke up thinking it was another year.

VIA UK Guardian