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For the lack of posts. Must meet deadlines. I’ll be back in full force next week. Have a happy holiday weekend!

California style with these beautiful, whimsical scarves. Versatile enough to be worn in multiple ways. I want them all!

bellarina 1

bellarina 2

bellarina 3

VIA Bellarina

In keeping with the animal theme.kittens

VIA Cute Overload

Baby anteater!

… of  a man told in 42 seconds. Directed by music video director Chris Milk. Titled LAST DAY DREAM.

For more films, go to 42 Second Dream Film Festival.

… use the bathroom. AKA the battle of the sexes.

bathroomVIA this.might.suck

Feeling very humbled and inspired by artist JR’s photo/installation pieces.


JR 2

JR 3

JR 4

JR 5


… NYC to see Ernesto Neto’s new piece at the Armory.

ernesto neto 1

ernesto neto 2

ernesto neto 3

ernesto neto 4

VIA NY Times

rock paper scissorVIA Carlsmart

Out-of-the-closet gay police officers in Peru can now lose their jobs under a new law that also punishes officers for taking bribes and abusing detainees. The reason?

sexual relations with people of the same sex that cause a scandal or damage the image of the institution.

However, heterosexual officers who commit adultery only face suspension.

Civil rights activist hope to overturn the new law in the courts.

VIA Huffington Post

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