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… some magic went into these photographs by Bruno Dayan. Is that pixie dust i spy?

bruno dayan 5

bruno dayan 4

bruno dayan 3

bruno dayan 2

bruno dayan 1

My jaw dropped looking at these photographs from W’s March 2007 spread. Photographed by Steven Klein.

Whatever world these girls live in. I want in.

steven klein 4

steven klein 3

steven klein 2

steven klein1

VIA Cyana Trend

California style with these beautiful, whimsical scarves. Versatile enough to be worn in multiple ways. I want them all!

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VIA Bellarina

During WWII, the French fashion industry staged an exhibition featuring the works of the major French designers of the day. The purpose of the exhibit was to show the world that the French spirit battled on.

The exhibit featured 230 dolls clothed in couture works of designers such as Lanvin, Schiaparelli, and Balmain. A resounding success, the exhibit travelled around the world, but the dolls disappeared shortly after.

Until 1990. When the dolls were rediscovered and returned to Paris.

Photographer David Seidner captured the amazing creativity of French fashion with a fresh nudge, nudge, wink, wink. His photographs are currently on display at the International Center of Photography in NYC.

Balenciaga, 1990

Lucien Lelong, 1990

Marcel Dhorme, 1990

And my favorite…

Jean Patou “Fleurs de Mal”, 1990

Commercial for Matthew Williamson’s H&M line..

Note: a PINK pony. Something is in the air with these pastel colored equines. I need to get me some.

Fashion designer (and Beatles’ daughter) Stella McCartney and luxury fashion retailer Net-a-porter put up this spoken word/poem video to… sell clothes?  I think?

Well, it ain’t working on me. I was too busy laughing to notice the clothes.

CLICK HERE to see.

But hey. I’m probably just too stupid to get it.

Only then could I justify paying over $500 on shoes. And that’s WITH the 50% off sale. Geesh.


But they are so puhr-tee. And dead-lee.  Hurry and buy now!

I LOVED this commercial when I was little. Still a classic…

I don’t know how I missed this when it came out a few years ago. GUCCI commercial directed by David Lynch to Blondie’s HEART OF GLASS…

Compare that to this clip from TWIN PEAKS, Audrey Horne dances while snotty Donna looks on…

I wanted to use the clip of Laura dancing at the Roadhouse while snotty Donna looks on, but can’t find on YouTube. Perhaps because she’s topless?

From the Met Gala, 2009…


I’m heartbroken. Really. Until now. Blair Waldorf could do no wrong. But wait. Who is this Leighton Meester? And what has she done with BLAIR?

But don’t fear. Supermoss to the rescue!!!! Fighting bad fashion one dress at a time. Cape included…


VIA Huffington Post



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