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Check out this Food2 video on how to cook the perfect steak.

“You’re dead to me.”


There’s a lot of fancy tequila talk these days. As someone who really can’t taste the difference between Patron fancy and Patron cheap, I now have to contend with MEZCAL!

Mezcal or Mescal
A Mexican distilled spirit that’s made from the fermented juice of the agave plant’s core. The core is roasted underground over pits of hot rocks. This technique gives mezcal a characteristic smokiness. The difference between mezcal and tequila is the plant (tequila is made from the blue agave only) and the roasting method (for tequila, the agave core is cooked in an oven). Although it’s produced throughout Mexico, the Oaxacan region is best known for its production and consumption of the potent liquid.

This is important stuff people! It may show up on Jeopardy.

One of the articles nominated for the 2009 James Beard Award is a WSJ piece entitled “Sushi Bullies: Top sushi chefs dictate what’s made and who eats it, and even eject dissenters. Why do the fans keep coming? Katy McLaughlin on culture clashes — and the California-roll taboo.” The article chronicles the work of a few chefs committed to the purity of sushi making and eating.

As a newbie to sushi and raw fish (I know, I know), I find myself guilty of all the behaviors these chefs malign…

“Dealing with American diners who are unfamiliar with centuries-old Japanese culinary traditions can be agonizing for some chefs, says Andy Matsuda, head of Sushi Chef Institute, a Los Angeles cooking school. Requesting fried soft shell crab rolls at a traditional sushi bar is akin to “going to your grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner and someone brings a pizza,” Mr. Matsuda says. Dousing sushi in soy sauce is like pouring ketchup over the entrée at a three-star French restaurant. Other offenses, such as ordering miso soup at the beginning of the meal, only add to chefs’ frustration.”

Sigh. Perhaps one day I will be ready to eat at Nozawa or Urasawa. Till then. Pass the soy sauce please.

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