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The new Lady Gaga video for PAPARAZZI. Starring GENERATION KILL hottie Alexander Skarsgard. Totally f***ed up. In a good way.

I just can’t get enough…

“Just call me Gaga… I think it’s weird when people call me Lady.”


Please be my friend!

who calls himself Rivers Cuomo. His band WEEZER covers MGMT song Kids, with a little LADY GAGA’s Poker Face thrown in.  You know,  just ‘coz. He’s Rivers Cuomo damnit. Respect his au-tho-ri-tay.

One of my all-time fave concert moments: Weezer on their Pinkerton tour at Toad’s in New Haven to an audience of twenty people. Felt truly blessed.

Hilarious short with Liz Phair on the pressures of making her new album FAITH & TENDERNESS. A la Matrix. It’s a minute too long, but still entertaining because she’s so darn cool.

A b-side from IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU.

Is it weird that I now think to myself in Lily Allen’s voice?

The more they stay the same.

BATS FOR LASHES covers “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.

I’m guessing we’ll be hearing this in a commercial sometime soon. Xerox? Pepsi? Roto-rooter?

This crazy remix.

I feel like playing old school nintendo now.

And LOVING Grandaddy’s Justin Lytle solo effort. Gorgeous, sweeping melodies. This totally brightened my day!

You can stream it for free on NPR. The album drops in two weeks.

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