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So the hubs and I have been batting around a few “big” vacation ideas for awhile now. We’re both overworkers, and while we love travelling, we also get this sense of panic at the thought of actually going somewhere for an extended period of time. We haven’t gone on a “big” vacation in a few years. Instead, our vacation days have been happily sucked away by weddings, family trips, and extended weekend getaways with friends, etc.

Note, we never took a proper honeymoon because of work duties came at the wrong time. So this year, we have resolved to take the plunge. Disconnect. And go somewhere we’ve been dying to visit.  Some of the places we have been batting around…

Machu Picchu



But when it comes to finally choosing a destination, I go back to wondering about the places I KNOW I love. Perhaps we should go back and see what’s changed about the places with which we know we connect? For example — Paris. My favorite non-home city. I’ve been a few times but not in recent years. I would love to spend a few weeks in Paris and soak the city in.

So this is where we come to the notion of analysis paralysis. AKA the burden of choices. What exactly is my problem? I should feel grateful that I have the opportunity to travel. Why stress out?

And then I came across this…

Psychologist Barry Schwartz does a TED talk on the paradox of choice. And the fallacy of western society’s belief that greater choices lead to happier people.

So you see. It is not my fault. I am being crushed by the wheels of society. Forever caught in a merciless cycle of options. God help us all.

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So I’ve finally bit the bullet, and joined the bloggers’ circle. Yes, I know. I am five years too late to the party. That’s just how I roll.

So here are the pertinent questions I asked myself before starting this blog…

Why now?  As someone who gets paid to write, I have a love/hate relationship with words. As I allocate more and more of my time to writing for “work” versus pleasure, I realize I needed a “room of my own.”  A safe space to re-discover the joy of writing. Don’t get me wrong. I pinch myself everyday. I can’t believe I get paid to do what I love.

So who should read this blog? Anyone who wants time sucked out of their life. Preferably at warp speed.

I am an information junkie (i.e procrastinator) of great epic proportions. Which means I do a lot of internet surfing. Simply put, this blog makes me feel .001% better about how I allocate my time. So please let me live under the grand illusion that I am doing a service to the world. I do it, so you don’t have to. See, the egoism of altruism principal works perfectly here.

As an unrepentant info-junkie, I scour the web for everything – anything – something – novel, creative, inspirational, touching, infuriating, confounding and so on.

So please be patient. I am entering dangerous murky waters here. I’m not sure if I’ll make it out alive. But thank you for your support.

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