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VIA JEZEBEL: Iran Executes 23-Year-Old Woman

A 17 year old girl confessed to the murder of her father’s cousin. Later, it was revealed that she lied to protect her boyfriend, who convinced her she would not be punished.

Last Friday, Delara Darabi was executed.

Despite protests from human rights organizations, Darabi was executed Friday, after calling her mother and screaming, “Oh, Mother, I see the hangman’s noose in front of me. They are going to execute me. Please save me.” Darabi’s lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, claims the execution took place without family notification or a lawyer present. “She was denied a legal right guaranteed under the law, Mostafaei says, “The hasty execution and the ignoring of legal provisions suggests that some authorities were happy to put an end to her life.”

And the kicker? The boyfriend got 10 years in prison.

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